Government announces £150 million investment in improving mobile phone coverage

Chancellor George Osbourne this week announced that the Government will invest up to £150 million to improve mobile coverage in the UK.

This procurement will begin in 2012 and aims to extend mobile service coverage to 99 per cent of the UK population, especially improving coverage to the  5 -10 per cent of consumers and businesses that live and work in areas of the UK where existing mobile coverage is poor or non-existent.  This procurement will begin in 2012.

Techradar reports:

The money will be spent in the procurement of additional mobile phone mast sites and further details are expected to be announced in due course.

The news has been warmly welcomed by the industry, including Vodafone and the Communications Consumer Panel.

“We warmly welcome the government’s ambition to bring mobile services to as wide a portion of the population as possible,” said a spokesperson for Vodafone.

What does this mean for site owners?

While details are not currently available at the moment, what is certain is the potential for existing site owners to:

  • explore options with operators to upgrade existing installations
  • increase the number of new sites available
  • enhance your site’s potential by ensuring that your portfolio is available to operators looking to take advantage of this investment

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