BT to install smart meters to reduce energy bills

BT is currently installing more than 22,000 smart energy meters and over 1500 building energy management systems across thousands of its UK-based offices, telephone exchanges and data centres in a bid to shave £13 million a year off its energy bills, Cell:cm has learned.

According to Land Mobile magazine,
“The programme, which BT expects will reduce its carbon footprint by 60,000 tonnes per year, will use smart meters to wirelessly monitor energy consumption and environmental conditions across the company’s key buildings and telephone exchanges. These will report real-time data back to a central software-based, integrated energy management system.
The management system, which operates over a broadband network, enables the firm’s Energy and Carbon Unit to spot energy wastage, and remotely manage power and infrastructure devices supporting BT’s telecom and IT services.
One of the UK’s top 10 largest energy consumers, BT consumed a massive 2,342 GWh of energy running its UK networks, data centres and offices during the 2010/11 financial year, equivalent to 0.7 per cent of all the electricity used in the UK.
BT says it plans to start rolling out similar smart energy management systems across its global businesses in 2012.”
If you have a site leased or any electricity supply used by BT, please contact Cell:cm to seek advice on how this might impact on your current arrangements.

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