Cell:cm Celebrates ten years at the top!

Ten years ago today (5th February) Andrew Cranston and Philip Morris founded Cell:cm Chartered Surveyors. Working from their spare rooms in the early days they have built Cell:cm in to the leading property and real estate consultancy for UK telecoms site providers.

Cell:cm Chartered Surveyors now comprises six staff from two offices in Leamington Spa and Newcastle upon Tyne. Their client base has grown from a list of a dozen or so “potential” clients in 2004 it now covers the entire spectrum of telecoms site providers, from smallholding owners with a single mast site to billion pound pension funds with many lettings across their portfolios.

Over the years whilst their client base has grown, they have not reduced the personal level of service offered. Clients’ main professional advisors and Directors are always available. Deals are always completed to clients’ requirements and the most important aspects for the client are never conceded.

Philip and Andrew are looking forward to continued success for Cell:cm Chartered Surveyors and their clients sharing in that.

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