Building services is a dedicated department focusing on the physical and legislative factors that control telecommunications sites and the host land or buildings:

  • Access Management – our dedicated team control access to over 2500 base station sites throughout the UK and Ireland. Using a web-based portal, the team handle applications for access, assess health and safety documentation and ensure that provisions are adequate to reflect the various planned work activities. They act as the informed medium between the applicants and the client point of control. Approvals for access will only be processed when documentation is appropriate, and applicants have demonstrated a safe system of work.
  • Building Surveying – our qualified Chartered Surveyors provide a range of services including project monitoring, defect appraisal, dilapidations and contract administration. With expert knowledge of buildings and the interface with telecoms infrastructure.
  • Design and Construction Management – design and management of new tower build projects. This turnkey service includes acquisition, design and build phases.
  • EMF Measurement and RF Analysis – onsite measurement of EMF emissions, reporting and development of site-specific action plans to suit client needs in accordance with the Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016.
  • Technical Services – a department which offers qualified working at heights supervision by competent and experienced IRATA technicians. Technicians also assess and certify access equipment and inspect/report on tower condition.

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