About Cell:cm

We offer a professional consultancy service to land and site owners to help you maximise the value and income-generating potential of your phone mast site, base station and telecoms property assets.

Operator Access Request

If you are an operator or contractor and need access to one of our clients’ sites click here, login, complete the simple access request form and we’ll come back to you.



Estates Management

Our specialist estate management service is designed to cover every aspect of the day-to-day management of a telecoms site or portfolio of sites, either on an individual instruction or a full management basis, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Infrastructure Management

Our dedicated client owned structures team can effectively manage single sites or portfolios where Landlords own and have increased responsibility for maintaining supporting structures.

Building Services

Building services is a dedicated department focusing on the physical and legislative factors that control telecommunications sites and the host land or buildings.


Fibre is integral to the UK’s connectivity goals and the government has pledged to have ‘full fibre’ in place throughout the UK by 2033. Fibre providers such as Openreach, Virgin Media, Vodafone and CityFibre need agreements in place with land and building owners which provide them with rights of access to install and maintain their networks on privately owned land.

Code Powers Advice

The UK government amended the Electronic Communications Code as part of the Digital Economy Act 2017. The ‘new Code’ is found in Schedule 3A of the Communications Act 2003 and is the principle legislation that governs the relationship between electronic communications apparatus and land.


Electronic communications apparatus and property developments tend not to mix very well! Most telecom operators have statutory powers which mean that property owners cannot simply expect them to depart the land or building once a lease or licence has expired or is terminated.

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