In February 2020, Cell:cm celebrate their 16th Birthday

In February 2020, Cell:cm celebrate their 16th Birthday

From the very beginning, Cell:cm has always provided specialist advice to property owners concerning electronic communications apparatus on their land and buildings.

The founding directors established the company in 2004. They began without any clients, but they knew that they were in a unique position – the first niche practice providing telecoms consultancy services to landlords in the United Kingdom. Through their early engagements, Cell:cm quickly established an unrivalled reputation for quality, expertise and professionalism.

The firm is retained by many hundreds of clients from single mast site owners to police forces, local authorities and pension funds with portfolios of telecoms lettings. Added together, Cell:cm’s current client base control nearly 3,500 separate lettings to electronic communications operators. All of these require effective and dedicated property management. Cell:cm provides a full range of services to its clients to cover the whole life cycle of an electronic communications installation, from negotiations for new lettings through rent reviews and renewals to building services, project management and utilities consultancy.

When the New Electronic Communications Code (“the New Code”) was enabled in December 2017, the demand from landlord clients for Cell:cm’s services was greatly increased. Andrew Cranston, one of the founding directors, commented,

“There are fundamental changes in the New Code concerning matters including valuation, alienation, upgrading and termination rights in existing and future telecoms agreements. More than ever before, land and property owners should be extremely careful about the how their “telecoms assets” are managed. To ensure that their interests are protected, I would encourage them all to seek specialist advice from a firm such as Cell:cm Chartered Surveyors.”

After sixteen years of continued organic growth, Cell:cm now operates from three offices (Newcastle, Stirling and Leamington Spa) with a twenty-strong team including some of the most experienced, knowledgeable and respected professionals in the sector.
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